Friday, April 28, 2006


Monday, April 24, 2006

Easter Vigil 2006



Have a wonderful Easter celebration tonight at the vigil. OLOC is looking absolutley stunning. The flowers are gorgeous and the sanctuary looks so beautiful..

Well done to everyone who helped to get the church so warm, welcoming and bright. it's such a contrast to the way it has looked during lent. Let's pray that the mass runs smoothly and that there is nothing to take the focus away from our Lord's Resurrection.

Yeah, we can sleep in our beds tonight, Keith can have a pint and listen to his IPod and I can have some food...God Bless!

Good Friday

Lydwina Of Schiedam


There was a great turnout at todays Good Friday Service which I was very surprised at. Again it was very prayerful and holy. Today was the veneration of the cross which I always find very emotional and powerful. A group of us afterwards did the Divine Mercy Chaplet which was a new thing for me. It was great because it was all lead by the young people which I thought was very empowering to hear.

After the service me and Keith went to Knightswood Park for a round of golf. I was nowhere near as good as I was last week but I did better than I thought I would. I think if I stick with it I will really enjoy it.

I feel so tired tonight and hungry. Going to bed a little earlier than usual. It seems quite funny actually thinking that this is my last night in the tent. I will definately enjoy sleeping in my bed with my soft duvet cover and having a pillow and a heater and a matress...lovely!

I think reflecting on my time in the tent I definately think my prayer life has been enriched, I have realised how important it is to have friends and family who are supportive of you and your faith. I'm also very grateful for having the friends and family that I have and want to thank them for being there for me when things have been tough and I've needed someone to talk to, or even just to have a all know who you are.

I have also come to realise how much the Catholic Church is under attack. Certain comments (which I couldn't publish) that were sent to my blog have shown this. All I can say is that it's definatley opened my eyes and made me more aware of how important it is to bare witness to God, and to pray for those who attack you and your faith.

Overall it's been a time of prayer, reflection, temptation, spiritual attack, frustration, witness, sacrifice, love, friendship, joy, inspiration, awareness, holiness and solitude.

I also want to say a big thank you to all who have supported the Tent4Lent at OLOC. We managed to raise £268.67 over the two weeks in which we collected donations. Thank You so much for your generosity and support. We are now able to change the cry chapel into a multi functional room which will be for all the young people of OLOC. This will help to facilitate all our church events like XPO, retreats, adoration etc.

And lastly well done to all who did Tent4Lent...especially Kelly and Keith who have successfully completed the 45 nights in a tent. I'm so proud of you both and know that so much goodness and grace will come from you doing this.

Keith thanks for believing in me, I'm so lucky to have someone who is there for me always, it means more to me than you think and know. Thanks...Love uuuuuuuuu

And a big thanks to all who have read my long long blog, I've never been someone who gets to the point quickly so thank you for bearing with me I hope you have enjoyed my blog and that maybe it will trigger an inspirational idea for your Lent next year.

We want more young catholics being witnesses to their faith and being active within there faith. Get out there and don't be afraid to be Catholic.

Cheers and God Bless

Holy Thursday

Martin 1st

Today me and Claire took Owen to see Ice Age 2 in the cinema. This was his first time at the cinema which was really fun to do and be part of. He was actually really welll behaved, it was only in the last half hour that he started to become a little distracted which was totally fine, you can't expect more from a two and half year old.

Oh I managed to make my own bread I was very surprised it turned out as well as it did. I didn't have time for my dinner before mass so I didn't get my last meal before the fast.

Tonights mass was lovely. I found it very touching and prayerful. Everyone ministered well tonight and it was great to see so many people involved.

Keith didn't get the job that he went for I was so gutted for him(probably more than him). I really thought this was the job for him. He works so hard and it makes me sad when I know he would be perfect for the job and these people just don't see it. All we can do is keep praying that God's will wil be done and that he will find the job he is supposed to have soon. We spent some time together in Adoration tonight which was lovely. I really felt God's presence with us which was wonderful.

I then met up with friends at Suzanne's house. Tracy is back over from Nigeria for Easter it was great to see her. She looks really well and bought us all a pair of leg warmers from Ireland which we had a lot of fun with. We had a fab time, apart from the fact that Suzanne had a feast of food in her flat (usually all you have is a jar of out of date jam and a potato scone) and I brought a slice of my homemade bread and a glass of water, so they were having their feast before their past and abstinence on Good Friday. Talk about tempatation!

Jenny was also back from seeing Graceland and Las Vegas so it was good to see her too. Although was a bit disappointed that she didn't have an Elvis Catsuit on...bummer.

Tonight I pray for friends and family, that they see how good you are Lord and that they want to know you better. I also pray for those who serve us throughout our llives, may we be thankful for all that people do for us. I pray for me and Keith and ask that you show Keith the direction he has to go in, please let him know that both you and me are there for him always.

It's totally raining just now and it sounds so gorgeous.

Day 43

Zeno Of Verona

Was working today in Possil Park, the kids were not as crazy as I thought they were going to be, they were actually very funny and had a fun day with them. Keith had his job interview, I pray it went well.

Had liturgy tonight at OLOC then afterwards a group of us cleaned and set up the Chapel of Repose for tommorrow. I must say everyone worked very hard, especially Kevin with his vacuming and cleaning of the brasses!

A few of us have decided to fast for the Triduum, we are going to try and have only bread and water. It will be good for the group as a whole but also on a personal and reflective level too. I'm going to attempt to make my own bread will see how I get on.

The music rehearsal finished at the same time as we were finished in the Chapel of Repose so me and Keith went to grab a bite to eat at Sleepless In Sauchihall (Before the fast).

Tonight I'm praying for Keith and everyone in the music ministry. Also that everyone is prepared for the triduum and that they make the next three days prayerful and holy.

Day 42

Stanislaus of Cracow & Gemma Galgani

again at Hermitage Academy. The kids showed eaxch other what they've been working on in the past two days, they were brilliant and they had a great time too.

Went back to Jane's office for a wee cup of tea and a two hour long chat (that's the kind of job you love). It was great!

Tonight I would like to pray for Mental Hippy Chick (whoever you are), also for Keith, I pray that he gets the job tomorrow and I also pray for everyone at OLOC, I ask that they are guided by you God during Holy Week and that what we do is all in your name and favour. I also pray for all my family.

Day 41


Today I was teaching in Hermitage Academy, Helensburgh. The kids there are lovely, and the day just flies in. Jane was also there and it was great to see her and catch up on what she's been upto since the last time I saw her. It's always nice to work with others as I don't get to do that very often.

I pray that Keith's interview goes well.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

6th Sunday Of Lent - Palm Sunday


Today me and Keith went to Mugdock Park, it started off such a beautiful sunny day. We had a walk through the fields before we stopped for lunch (which took about an hour to get to our table).

While sitting having our lunch we looked around us to find an old person that we would like to be similar to when we are old, Keith went for the tall, tanned, smooth guy who was wearing his shades inside and had his sleeves rolled up slightly and a glass of chilled water with lemon. I went for a wee lady with short white hair, big lips and a lovely two piece trouser suit.

While sitting having lunch it started to snow ( i know nealry middle of April and we're still getting snow) and the old smooth guy still had his shades on. When we got out into the snow we actually got lost. We didn't have a clue how to get back to the car, we walked round in circles three times which brought us right back to were we started which was hilarious, we have been to this park so many times and for some reason we just couldn't find the field that we wanted.

So after walking about for 45 minutes we eventually convinced ourselves we were on the right track (which we were) and got back to the car, soaking wet and with dirty trailing wet trousers!

We got to mass eventually, it was great to see that the sisters from Schonstadt came back to the mass and brought some young people with them too which was a bonus. I didn't stay for Coffee After Mass this evening I met up with Suzanne and we went for a hot chocolate at Beanscene., which was yummy. We had to hang about and wait for Liam as he was on Coffee tonight and did a great job of it too.

Day 39

Walter of Pontnoise

Today was really fun. Had running at ten which was good. Then in the evening me and Keith went to Dalmuir Golf Course to hit some shots. Keith showed me some basic technique which actually made me hit the balls brilliantly (he's not just a pretty face you know). I think I may have found a new hobby, I even got the golf ball in the hole on par. It was brilliant, we had to leave evetually because it was getting too dark to see the balls, so we headed to Beanscene to plan our trip of Scotland for the summer.

We are hoping to get to Mull, Spey Bay, Mallaig, and about 4 other places. I just hope I'm not driving for all of it cause I hate driving now, well maybe hates too strong a word more like can't really be bothered to, cause I drive all the time now because of work. And don't think you're going to be sitting in the passenger seat sleeping Mr Beattie pretending to read the map!

Day 38

Jean-Baptiste de La Salle & Henry Walpole

Another freezer tonight. The Performane at St Columbas High School went really well today. Went up to see my gran today, which was great because I haven't seen her in a while.

XPO went really well I thought. Around 50 people turned up which is fantastic!

Tonight I have prayers of thanksgiving for peopple turning up to XPO. Fr. Gerry Tartaglia's talk was great. I also want to pray for my family. I hope Claire got something from XPO tonight, it really meant a lot that she was there tonight.

I also pray for peace in our world and society, and that there's more compassion and love between us all. And I continue to pray for everyone at OLOC...may everyone's gifts be recognised and used for God's work.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Day 37

Notker Balbulus

Man It's a freezer tonight.

I'm praying for OLOC tonight, I ask that XPO has a great turnout. I ask that the holy spirit works on those who are thinking about coming, I ask that the holy spirit gives them that extra push in the right direction...To us at OLOC.

I also want to pray for everyone involved in a ministry at OLOC and ask that Fr Neil has a safe journey home from Florida.

Oh and also for the pupils of St Andrew's HS and St Columbas that I have been working with this week. I pray that they enjoy their performance tomorrow and that they have enjoyed the whole week.

Day 36

Vincent Ferrer

Tonights themes at liturgy really hit home with me tonight. It was like God was throwing answers to me and I just want to say thank you for his answer.

Also Lisa thanks for the lovely fairy cakes they were tasty!

Tonight I'm praying for Claire and Stuart, that they see what Catholic marriage can be, that they understand it and want to be part of it. Also I pray for Keith because I don't know what kind of day he had so hopefully my prayers for him will make his day all the better.

Also pray for all my friends especially Douglas who text me today. It was good to hear from him, I should be meeting up with him and Emma next week for lunch. I pray that Douglas is prepared properly for his election campaign ( I think that's what you call it).

Also pray for mine and Keith's family. And Pray that XPO sees a great number of young people attending this Friday.

Day 35

Isadore of Seville

Lord tonight I pray for peace of mind, make sure I see you in everything I do. Let my heart be full of goodness and grace and may I share this with friends and strangers.

I pray for Marlo and family to have a safe journey back to Germany. And I pray for those who have kept their lenten journey going. I ask that they can continue with their promise to God until the end of the lenten season.

Day 34

Richard of Chichester

I pray to be more humble and dignified in my everyday life. I pray that I'm not disheartened by negativity. I pray for all my friends and family who are there for me always, thank you.

I would also like to pray that the Easter Prep Meeting is done prayerfully and as a community at OLOC.

5th Sunday Of Lent

Francis of Paola

Today a group of us from OLOC took Marlo and family to Luss and Gartocharn. Today was an absolute laugh. I really enjoyed myself.

We walked round Luss and some of them had breakfast at the Coach House. We then headed for Gartocharn and climbed the 'Dumpling' (which is a dumpling shaped hill, not sure if it is actually called that though). This was were the fun really began. I did tell them all to wear sensible shoes to climb but they didn't and so when we got there the ground was like a bog. Not ideal to walk in with trainers (especially new ones Kerry).

Climbing the hill was my idea so when I saw people struggling, slipping, sinking i did feel a bit concerned and responsible for making them do this. Mark (Marlo's dad) then slipped and grabbed hold of barbed wire and cut his hand, I thought we were going to have to turn back, but everyone persevered and got on with it and I promised it would be all worth it for the view they would get at the top. And I was right. The view was stunning.

We took a few photos, looked around the 360 degree view and then prayed a decade of the rosary which I thought was great to do together in such a quiet and peaceful place.

We then headed down the hill, cleaned the shoes with Stephen's handy rags from his land rover and then went for lunch at the Hungry Monk.

Mass was celebrated by Fr Joe Balmour who is covering for Fr Neil while he is in Florida. Thought the homily was great.

Day 32

Catherina of Palma & Hugh of Grenoble

Went running this morning, I was ten minutes late so when it came to circuit training Grant (aka Coach Lang) made me do double what everyone else had to do (thanks for helping me Claire...not)!

Nicola bought me lovely prezzies for my birthday i got this gorgeous navy blue hairband that has embroidered beads and flowers on it, also a star which said 'Faith' on it and a box of chocolate covered macademia nuts which I totally love.

I was so tired today and I have ate so much junk food this week that it's unbelievable. I've had 2x KFC, Chinese meal and a Sausage supper. I'm so lazy when it comes to making food. However Lisa and Stephen from Church have said I'm welcome at their place anytime so I will be keeping them to their word.

Marlo and family arrived safely and met them in Beanscene tonight. Was great to see her and we met her parents too. They seem lovely. I thought it was great company tonight.

I have a lot to think about in terms of my role at OLOC, will have to pray about it.

battery in torch has just gone out so can't see what I'm writing. So Praying for me, my friends and family. I love them all very much

Day 31

Balbina & Benjamin

Today was another lazy day for me, Owen was round while Claire was at the hairdressers...(her hair's lovely). Im getting my hair cut on Tuesday. Im thinking I want to go blonde again but I know it's going to be a long process.

Owen was watching Ice Age. He laughs hystericallt at the line 'You have beautiful eyes' (Sid the Sloth says it to Mani the Mammoth when he falls on top of his trunk.

Went to cinema tonight with Keith to see Inside Man, it was quite good! Keith let me listen to a band he's loving right now, Blue Nile! They sound very 80's even thought the album he let me listen to was from 2002. I think the singer sounds like Chris De Burgh, not sure keith feels the same. He also dissed radio 1 but I like it.

Tonight I'm praying for all the intentions on my blog, my family, keith's family and that Marlo and her family have a safe journey to Glasgow from Germany tomorrow, it will be great to see her. Also that wee Paddy has a safe journey picking them up from Prestwick Airport.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Day 30

John Climacus

Only 16 days to go! It actually works out 46 cold nights in the tent not 40. To me that seems quite a big sacrafice compared with 21 days abroad like some anonymous people.

I have been on my computer all day sending emails and invoices. I was supposed to take my mum for lunch today but they ended up going to see my gran. So we're going tommorrow.

I now have the cold which isn't good. And my blistered foot which I've burst 3 times was especially painful today, it may have been something to do with me banging it on a table that I was moving yesterday, ouch. It's all red and purple, I hope it's not infected.

Tonight I also caught up with typing up on my blog which I'm doing right now at half five in the morning, I can hear the birds outside singing. I can't believe how much time you lose when you're on a computer it's tragic.

I phoned up my bank again (Halifax they are rubbish) today. I wanted to open a new account and 8 weeks later, 6 phone calls lasting a total duration of over an hour after and one visit to the bank, I'm being sent out my terms and conditions form that I have to sign and send back before I can get access to my account for the third time for some reason I haven't received the last two...maybe because they haven't sent them! Very Frustrating.

ok I really have to go to sleep now my prayers for tonight or this morning are for my family that we stay close and let each other in our lifes. I want to pray that me and Keith are able to be engaged soon (had a dream that we were last night) and that the holy spirit blesses our relationship.

Day 29

Cyril Of Heliopolis & Mark

Today was a day for oloc. I met Keith at Holy Cross Chapel House to print and photocopy stuff, what a laugh Keith had with the risograph...not!

After this we headed for oloc, keith was recording all day and I was doing admin stuff and reorganising the noticeboard so we now have our own section of noticeboard at the back of the church which we should've had a long time ago.

Keith had planned in taking me out for dinner before liturgy but we didn't have enough time so we ended up with a sausage supper from Pappa G's sorry to you guys who had to smell it when you came into the hall for liturgy.

Liturgy was quite quuiet but people had really good things to say about the gospel and it's message. I'm a little concerned that xpo is next week and we haven't done any publicity or advertising of it so I thinkthere won't be many there. I just hope that the holy spirit is among the head teachers of the high schools and pushes them to bring a group from their school to xpo.

Keith came round after the music rehearsal for a little bit and I managed to get a cuddle in before he left. My cuddlesfrom Keith have decreased massivley since doing this tent4lent but I will be making sure I get them all back, I have been marking them down on my tent wall. Yeah don't you worry Beattie i will make sure I get them back!

Tonight my prayers are for Mary next door and her family

Day 28


Today was a day of doing...not a lot! I was basically on the computer all day and organising oloc stuff for tommorrow, so people will have a lot of emails in their mailbox tomorrow. I also sent a slide show of oloc and the ministry project that we have running there to all the high school head teachers, I hope we hear back from them. I was trying to push XPO and let them know what it's all about.

I'm praying for the youth ministry project at oloc and all the people involved.

Day 27


Last class at Garnetbank Primary, they were really nice children I wnjoyed working with them. This is my last class until the Easter holidays begin.

Went up to Claire's and had a KFC for lunch, magic! Owen was so well behaved today he had a lovely nature and way about him. I then went home and had a lie down for half an hour before I left for Langside's Sharing Of Work which was really good, there's a lot of talented people on that course I just hope they work hard and push themselves.

I picked Keith up from work, he finished at 10pm. We went to Kelvinhall Beanscene for a Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows. After I dropped him off I watched Kill Bill Vol2 with Liam and had two packets of tasty crisps that I bought from Beanscene, my mouth was on fire with the Salt and Pepper flavoured ones.

4th Sunday Of Lent


Claire woke me up at 10am this morning (although my body was saying 9am because the clocks moved forward this morning, unfortunately.

It's Mothering Sunday today. Keith came round and we organised getting a tent (Owen's Igloo tent) to put a donations box in it at the back of the church. We also made up some posters for it.

Our day was basically taken up by Church stuff which was a little unfortunate because we could've been spending it with our wonderful mothers. I hope they understand. I think this is definatley where I'm struggling with my time. I have to make sure I'm still making time for my family because it's very easy to get wrapped up into something like the project at oloc. Mass still felt a bit quieter than usual, as did Coffee After Mass. We had a Massive cake for Mothering Sunday for after mass I think it all got eaten not sure.

We did really well with donations tonight for the tent4lent we raised over £93 tonight which is great news. We will keep the donations tent up until the end of lent as the money will go to Easter preparation. People were very generous and we definately appreciate it. I was slightly taken back by my big face appearing on the projector screen in the church. I have to get my blog updated again, I tried to do it last week but it was being very tempremental.

The weather is miserable tonight hopefully I'll sleep through it. Tonight my prayers are for my mum, my sister and Stuart, I also want to pray for Colette and Brian and family and also to pray that I allow myself to be concious of making time for me and my family to spend together.

Day 25

Dismas & Lucy Filippini

Yes did go to training this morning it was a nightmare trying to squeeze my foot into my trainer. It was actually easier running than it was walking for some reason. we did some circuit training too but it was only me and Suzanne with Grant this morning cause we're hardcore and Nicola is away white water rafting and Claire is looking after Owen because he's not well.

In the afternoon I met up with Suzanne, Claire, Jenny, Liam, Gerard, Michelle and Grant in Bar Budda for my birthday celebration (it is over a week late but it was the only time we had free) we had a late lunch and then headed to the Megabowl where we met Keith, Nichola and her friend Louise from work. Laura also came down for a little while. Had a great fun night, and the girls bet the boys in the second game at last!

Me and Keith then went to Asda to get a Mother's Day card and present, but there was nothing there that I wanted to buy my mum so I decided that I would take her out for lunch sometime next week and I bought her a pack of toilet roll (she's obsessed with the stuff, she thinks we eat it because she thinks we use too much).

Me and Keith walked home in the pouring rain, I was totally soaked as I only had a suit jacket on but Keith was wanting a romantic walk home in the rain and I couldn't deny him of that. When we got to his he gave me a lift home in the car.

When home I had some chinese food I was really hungry and then had a wee sisterly chat with Claire she stayed at our house tonight in MY BED...well I'm not using it!

Tonight I'm praying for Claire and Stuart

Day 24

Catherine Of Sweden

I woke up this morning with my right foot in agony. It felt really stingy and when I took my pair of socks off and my bed socks I had at the side of my foot a massive red raw water blister which was caused by my foot resting on the hot water bottle all night. Nightmare!

Today was last class at Langside before their Sharing of work on Monday, they looked really good today, you can tell they have actually been rehearsing when I'm not there.

I then had to rush over to Motherwell Civic Theatre for the Ydance performance that two of my schools had been working towards. I was on my feet the whole day (not good with the blister) and the noise of over 300 children for over 8 hours can definatley be a test of patience and sanity. However they did really well and I was very proud of my schools, the kids loved the whole experience which makes my job even better.

When I got home my blister was not a pretty sight, and I have training in the morning...we'll see.

Day 23

Turibius Of Mogrovejo

Today was my last class at Mearns Primary, thank goodness. This has been my worst class this term without a doubt!

Me and Claire went for a cycle along the canal route. We got absolute pelters of abuse shouted at us from young boys and men. The language that was coming out of the boys' mouth was so crude I couldn't believe what they were saying. It's definately put us off cycling after school hours.

I then met up with Suzanne and Pat McCaughey teacher and old friend from St Andrew's Musical Society. We were going to the Wharf pub but when Suzanne and Pat got there it was actually all boarded up so Liam dropped us off in Partick. It was great to meet up with him, he's just the same old Pat which was great to see. And tiring cause he never stopped for a breath the whole night. He caught the last underground and me and Suzanne stayed a little longer in the Lismore. We then got a bus to the Tasty Spot (would never go here if completely sober) we got a portion of Pakora then back to mine.

It was a really fun night and it was great to chat with Suzanne.

Day 22

Nicholas Von Flue

This morning was really hot and sticky in the tent I had to get out to get some air.

Liturgy was a quiet one tonight but it was still fruitful. Got lots to do in terms of oloc this week and next. I t would be great to have it all organised as Fr Neil is away on one of his many holidays...I know I know it;s not a holiday, it's work but I'm sure everyone would rather be working in Florida than here just now.

Me and Keith are meeting Fr Neil tomorrow at half seven in the morning at Glasgow Airport for breakfast, it will be a hoot. Keith is convinced Fr Neil gets excited when he's going away so he wants to see what's going down at the airport before he flies out the following week...see if there is any new bathing suits that he can purchase before he goes. Keith said he was going to bring a suitcase with him but he'll be lucky to get himself there never mind pretending to have luggage.

When I came home tonight there was a film on called Sineaters. It was really weird and slightly disturbing. It's basically about a guy who takes peoples sins from them before they die (instead of having last rights with a priest), he's trying to play God, he comes across as really freaky.

Oh I seen my first insect (spider) in my tent. That's one good thing about doing Tent4Lent in this weather the insects stay away...well I think and hope they do.

Prayers are for Keith that he gets the job he has applied for. Pray for healing for Colette and Brian. I also pray for Denise Baird, she popped into my head while praying the rosary, also for her mum Marie, she's one of the most patient, prayerful and sincere people I have met. She had a wonderful influence on me in Medjugorie last year, and she probably doesn't know that. I found her faith so inspiring and loved listening to her little stories while in Medjugorie. I also want to pray for Claire, Stuart, Cade and Owen, I pray that they can work towards having a loving family life that they cherish and value together.

Day 21


Today was another day of work. Most of my classes are finishing up this week before the last week of term. I actually turned up to my Kilbarchan class to be greeted by the janitor who told me the class wasn't on today because the school had their Easter performance on, this is something that really irritates me, how difficult is it too pick up a phone and say that the class will not be on?

Got home just after nine, chilled out in front of tv and then it was time for prayer and sleep.

Day 20


Last day of rehearsal for my class at St Barthelomew's before the performance on Friday.

Keith came round tonight, at last a night were we were able to put aside for each other. I had such a fun night, it was like going back to over 8 years ago when we first started seeing each other and being childlike...well immature I suppose and just laughing at anything and everything. It's nights like these that allow you to remember exactly why you fell in love with each other.

Received an invite for my friend Nichola's Hen Party, which is in May, it's a 70's theme which I think will be a great laugh.

I still have the streamers hanging up in my tent , they are looking very straggly because I keep getting caught in them. I feel very tired tonight as it's now half two. It seems very cold tonight.

My prayers are for my family, I pray that my dad finds a job that he wants. I pray that Liam has some direction in his life. Pray that Owen grows up to be someone who respects all people and wants to follow God. And also pray for one of my aunts who is struggling just now with a drink problem, I pray that her close family are there to support and look after her and that she accepts their help willingly.

3rd Sunday Of Lent


I had a fantastic day today.

Keith came round and I made him brunch...pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, bagel with cream cheese and bacon, freshly made coffee and mango, orange and passionfruit smoothie. And one of Liam's peanut cookies that he made yesterday and taste great!

We then went to Loch Lomond Shores because it was a gorgeous day. When we got out the car Keith thought he would be funny and push me bum first into a massive pile of snow that was still in the car park and when I tried to stand up I hit my head off my wing mirror, he found this very amusing...I did too. I only managed to hit him with a small snowball. There was a farmers market, we bought some olives which were delicious. There was a stall which I thought was selling cheese and 'Nettle soup'. It wasn't until I looked again and realised that infact the cheese was actually soap in the shape of cheese and the sign actually said 'Needle soap' as in pine needles. I was wondering how the cheese sounded so exotic and unusual (lavender and mango).

It was a lovely walk round the place. The company I had was also great too. We headed back for Clydebank into TK Max and then into a shop that sells stuff and more stuff and even more...Guthries! It has everything.

Mass was lovely tonight . The mood, the music, the atmosphere was beautiful. Catrina was also commissioned tonight which was great. Coffee After Mass was quiet this week hopefully it will pick up next week.

Tonght Keith is up playing the computer with Liam, he's lovin it, he;s like a wee boy.

Tonight my prayers are for the Sweeney family for love, healing and understanding. I would also like to pray for Joanne and Kate who I was talking to tonight (well listening , they can talk for Scotland the pair of them) at coffee when they were drying the dishes. I think them being at the mass is great and just hope that as they mature they will understand more of why they are there and what gifts they can offer.

Also pray that Suzanne has a safe journey back from Detroit tommorrow. I also want to pray for Christine who I didn't get a chance to speak to tonight, I pray that she recovers well from her injury and that she is able to get back to college after the summer holidays. Wee Rosie needs a prayer too she wasn't feeling well tonight hope she feels better tommorrow.

Day 18

Cyril of Jerusalem & Edward

Running with Grant was cancelled this week so me and Claire went running together round Victoria Park. Claire did really well today.

Tonight was Catrina's leaving night at the bowling before she heads for Dalmally. It was a really fun night and it was great to see so many poeple turn up from oloc. It was funny to think that hear was a group of young, cool and catholic people on a night out together and not one of us comprimised ourselves to 'fit' in with the rest of society, it was great to see and very empowering. My bowling wasn't too bad either.

After the bowling me and Keith went to The Steak & Cherry (used to be called Sleepless in Sauchihall) for some hot chocolate. We had a lovely night. Met Aiden there who was away in Bankok (Suzanne's Uni friend) for a while.

Tonight I'm praying for the Sweeney family and Catrina.

Day 17...Happy 25th Birthday To Me

Patrick & Gertrude of Nivelles

Well apart from it being my birthday today, the day seemed pretty normal (that's what happens when you get older). I had a busy day teaching and then in the evening had a lovely night with my family we ordered a take away which was great and then just chilled out with a bottle of wine. I didn't actually feel like going out (this must also be because I'm getting older).

Although I had a lovely evening I received tragic news that friends from oloc who I had been praying for had lost their unborn baby. I was so saddened by this news and only hope that they will receive healing and comfort from God and in knowing that people are praying for them and the baby.

Keith dropped off a present for me which was from his mum on his way back from the gig. I had just gone into my tent when he text to see if I was still up. When he had text this was when I found my tent to be covered in streamers (he had came along to the tent during the day and covered the inside with them while I was working). It was one of those moments when you're glad no one could see you because it was like a comedy sketch trying to get into the tent with streamers catching on to your feet and tangling round your face making you fall face first into the tent, and the fact that the only light you have is from a torch. Keith had also left a beautiful purple flowered plant in my tent (which I told him he would be taking responsibility for as I'm hopeless at looking after plants. And also an envelope which had a lovely little note in it to tell me how much he loved me and that I'm going to see The Lion King in London next month for my birthday. I have been wanting to go and see that show for the last five last! It was a fantastic prezzy.

Tonight I'm really praying for The Sweeney family.

Day 16


Had 2 classes today both went well. i have lost my dance book ( I write all my choreography in this). I'm hoping I have left it in one of my schools. St Anthony please help me to look in the right places for it.

Owen was so funny today trying to wink at our next door neighbour Chrissy. He's picking things up so quickly now it's amazing. Liam got my IBook up and running which was great of him. I hate doing things like that, reading manuals and installing software. I just like things to work as soon as you switch them on.

Keith came round after Theology Of The Body Talk. He cut a song for me for one of my classes which I really appreciated and then we got to spend a few hours of quality time together chatting and competing with our garageband tracks...his was a close second to mine, only joking keith's was much superior to mine. Mine was just rubbish!

We are both feeling burn out with our busy schedules. He won't be able to spend time with me tommorrow on my 25th birthday because he has a gig that he's doing sound for (which is great for him and I'm happy he's getting to do something related to his field).

I think we have to make decisions, and make priorities in our life's because if we keep going the way we are just now we'll never spend time together. It was lovely to have a cuddle from him. I had a rose I was going to give him last week, but because I haven't been able to see him it actually wilted .

I want to pray for peace and rest in mine and keith's life. I would also like to pray for my next door neighbour Mary who has cancer in 3 places. I was totally unaware that she had this, I thought she was able to recover from her illness but that's actually not the case, so I'm praying that she is comforted by her family and has the best care that she needs to make her life as good as it can be.

Day 15

Louise de Marillac & Clement Mary Hofbauer

I have changed the batteries in my torch and my mum and dad had my sleeping bad and duvet in the house tonight heating it up (they were feeling a little damp...not my mum and dad my duvet cover and sleeping bag)! There's a distinct 'tent' smell from them you could smell it as soon as you walked into the living room. My tent clothing also smells the same. Anyway, I feel very warm tonight, may be even too warm.

My IBook arrived today hooray, but I was too tired to even take it out the box. I will play around with it tommorrow.

Liturgy was very efficient tonight so we were home for 9pm which I think is a record for me. I came in and had a cheese bap with butter, half a chocolate muffin and a decaf coffee, nice! Bap is one of the funniest words ever, especially if you say it in a lancashire accent (sounds sad but me and my family have been doing saying it all night).

Even my dad has been asking where Keith is, although he said it's been great because he's getting to see all his programmes on tv without 'Beattie' annoying him. I'm sure he doesn't mean it honey!

I'm going to air my tent all day exciting!

In my times of reflection this week I seem to be thinking about 'service'. I really liked the reflection in the book that mentioned we should do things to make God happy and not to think of making people happy. I had never thought of it like that before, obviously by making God happy you would people too. Maybe I have to do my ministry/service better than I do just now. Maybe I've got to develop it more and make sure I'm working for God all the time and not just when it suits me or when it feels easier to do so.

I'm praying for all my family and friends especially Suzanne who is flying out to Detroit tommorrow for her friends wedding. May she have a safe journey. And I pray that my service is for God and that I'm humble in all that I do for him and others.

Day 14

Lubin & Matilda

My day didn't end up as busy as it should've been, due to one of my classes being cancelled.

I had gone to Dobbies today to write up some of my blog stuff & to see if they had any of their amazing Caramel Cake. There was one piece left when I got there but by the time I got to the counter it had gone. Well so the lady said, but I'm sure I saw a customer get the piece I wanted about half an hour after me. I ended up with a massive slice of Walnut Sponge Cake which also looked delicious. It also allowed me to chat to a wee man who was behind me in the que. We had a little joke about the size of my cake (I had to chat because I felt so embarrassed about the size of the cake that I was about to stuff my face with, I had to act as if I wouldn't eat it all although I knew very well that there wouldn't be a crumb left on my plate).

The man then came up to my tab;e a little later on to see how I was managing the half acre of cake and to tell me he actually ended up going up to the counter for a piece himself but there was none left. Maybe he had came up to see if I had left any that he could've had...not a crumb left.

He seemed lovely. I think I will pray for him tonight. Keith is always going on about opening a small window in someone's life or, you only have a small opportunity to enter into a strangers life and you can make it pleasant and leave an imprint on them or you can pass the small window by, I usually go for the latter but today I didn't and I'm glad. I'm also praying for Christine (19yr old).

Sunday, March 19, 2006

This is me inside my humble home. It may not look like it but this is me after a days work and having been up all day, I know I look as if I've just woken up but I'm afraid that's what tent life does to you. I'm feeling tired all the time and it's certainly showing!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Day Thirteen: 13/03/06

Roderic, Solomon & Ansorinus

I was up early this morning but really wanted to sleep on. I'm really feeling the cold tonight for some reason.

Went to the Monday Night Thing tonight it was Cathechism night..hardcore! It's really interesting what was being said but I think we will have to be more specific as to what we are going to read up on or discuss as there's so much you can talk about.

I dropped wee Pat, Colin and we picked Keith up from work (after many diversions, wrong turnings and missing cut off...your fault Paddy).
Me and Keith sat and chatted for a while in the car, yeah.

I have to check when the Easter holidays are as he says my birthdaypresent needs two days free. I'm very curious as to what it is. I felt really tired again today and I felt bad today for one of my classes. they are performing on 24th March at the Motherwell Civic, but because you need one teacher to every ten pupils, two pupils are having to miss out on the show because they need another adult to go with them but they don't have one, they are going to be gutted, I know I would've been if it had happened to me. God if you could sort this one out that would be great I would be so grateful because they have all worked so hard I think it's really unfair for them.

Tonight I'm praying for Keith's Pappy as he's not the finest at the moment. And Catrina popped into my head while praying the rosary so I will keep her in my prayers too. I think it's fantastic that she's going to Dalmally, she ahs a thirst for her faith and it's beautiful to see that in someone so young. And also I want to pray for my dad and Keith that they both find a job that they want.

Second Sunday Of Lent: 12/03/06


Well nealry half way through March and I wake up to Liam calling out to me from the house 'Are you ok?' and then hearing him say 'I have to dig you out'...from the 8" of snow that is. I can't believe it. I woke up with the sides of the tent nearly touching my ears because of the weight of the snow. I'm just glad it didn't collapse, it was very surreal.

Had a lazy day today, Suzanne stayed because she couldn't get a taxi last night. Her and Liam went to Sainsburys for breakfast. We had pancakes, bacon and sausages and coffee, it was a dream. Keith popped in 5 minutes before going over to OLOC to record stuff with Kenny. Glad he came round, it was nice to see his wee face.

I wasn't sure if I would be going to OLOC tonight but we made it out. Liam had attempted to drive the car but he said he kept skidding and nearly knocked down 3 kids so I ended up driving to mass which was very quiet tonight. We cancelled Coffee After Mass because I didn't want to chance coming home late and the place freezing over.

So, Me, Liam and Suzanne drove closer to home and went into Pappa Gills for some food. We asked Keith if he wanted to come but he didn't. I was a little sad that he didn't but he wanted to go home for his dinner.

Mum, Dad and Owen got home safely. It took them over five hours to get home, I'm so glad they're ok.

It's amazing how the weather can make everything come to a stand still I quite like the fact that we as humans have no control over it. When looking at the snow last night while walking home from Claire's it made me think about the Transfiguration and how 'Dazzingly white' Jesus' clothes were. I pictured it just like the sparkling, pure white snow on the ground. I found it quite ironic that todays Gospel was the Transfiguration. Maybe this was God telling us to slow down and listen to his son and love him. He made us stop our busy lives for one day...The Sabbath.

Tonight I'm praying for thanksgiving for my family getting home safely and for us being able to make mass when it seemed impossible.

I also want to pray for me and Keith and our relationship. I don't think we are spending enough quality time together, we both have so much going on in our lives just now, I just hope we don't take each others time for granted and that our time together is not something that is squeezed in after or before something else that's a lot less important than our relationship. I always feel a little funny if I've not spent time with him, I feel as if I've not been part of his life for a couple of weeks, it feels weird.

Well the rain is falling let's hope it thaws out the snow.

Day Eleven: 11/03/06

Eulogius Of Cordora

Second week of training, Claire came with us today which was great. She really has to get out more during the day and socialise. She came round and woke me up, all she could hear was me groaning some kind of aknowledgment or answer that I was getting up.

Claire really struggled today with the run (same route as last week). She said the last time she did any sort of exercise was when she took part in one of my dance classes while she was pregnant...Three years ago. I hope she sticks with it so that she can do the 10k with us. She used to be really athletic at school so I'm sure she will be back on form soon.

Me, Suzanne and Nicola did well today, we ran more and covered more distance (4 miles) in the same amount of time we did last week. And we did some circuit training too. Check us out Coach Lang we are on fire! Although Grant I'm not sure if doing calf raises in a lane and looking into a persons back garden through a fence is the best place to be doing it? After training we headed to Suzanne's for some brunch.

Waow what a spread she put on. We had bagels (plain or cinnamon & raisin), cream cheese, crispy bacon, salmon, fresh fruit (strawberries, raspberries, grapes), blueberry muffins (made by Liam), yougarts, coffee, tea and fruit juice. It was sheer delight. there was a group of us there ( Keith wasn't because he had a music/liturgy conference workshop type day to go to.

Me and Claire then went shopping for tonights Game Show Night. We played Family Fortunes and had prizes for each round. It was a good laugh. It's always funny seeing people getting seriously competitive about winning 8 squiggly straws and a fruit shape ice-cube holder. I also brought my Chocolate Fountain machine round which is amazing, we had loads of stuff to dip into it.

Mum, Dad and Owen (my gorgeous and comical nephew/ godson) are away to Morcombe to visit my gran and uncle James and his family today.

It started snowing tonight, I can't believe it. Me and Keith walked home.

When I got to my tent it looked like an igloo. Check the photos on Keith's blog. I had to push the sides of my tent out to get the snow off it so that it didn't collapse down on me. Again check Keith's blog to see Kerry and Ashley's collapsed tent under the snow. Well this will be fun tonight. Will let you know how I get on tommorrow.

Day Ten: 10/03/06

John Ogalvie & Kessog

I can't believe how tired I was today (probably something to do with my late night), my eyes were popping out of my head all day. I slept in this morning but made it in to my class on time. I hate to admit this but I think I need caffeine in the morning to wake me up. We only have decaf in the house at the moment, but it could be all in the mind.

Anyway I had my eyes closed at any opportunity I had today (even if it was ten minutes while still wearing my jacket so I could keep my eyes closed a few seconds longer before leaving for my next class).

I came home from my last class, fell asleep on the couch (still with my jacket on again and my capezios still on my feet dangling over the couch...oh how I wish it was my bed).

I woke up realising that I would be rubbish company for the St Patrick's Night in OLOC so I text my handsome boyfriend and then spoke to him on the phone to let him know I wouldn't make it. Instead I created my Tent4Lent blog which you are now reading. It took me ages but it's up and running, I'm just not sure how to manage it efficiently because it seems as if I'm going long ways for shortcuts.

Tonight I'm praying for Colette Sweeney and her baby, I pray that Colette has a safe pregnancy and that both her and the baby stay healthy throughout, and also that her whole family are joyous at their wonderful news and that they feel you in their hearts.

I would also like to pray for my family who are travelling down to Morecombe tommorrow. Please let them have a safe journey. And also for all the women who are going to be involved in the 10k this year. I have training tommorrow with Suzanne, Nicola, Claire and Coach Lang.

I also pray for me and Keith that we will find a job that will support us financially in our journey towards married life and after. And I ask the Holy Spirit to annoint our relationship always.

Day Nine: 09/03/06

Frances Of Rome & Catherine Of Bologna

This morning I had a bit of a long lie. Had my last class with the girls in Dumbarton tonight. I really hope they get more focussed with their life and that they find the right path that's going to lead them closer to God. I hope they have the support they need to make their life better and their choices more positive...I pray that they find it.

It was a late one tonight. I'm choreographing a jazz piece for Musical Theatre students at Langside College. They have great potential but their attendance is rubbish. So the pressure is on to get a dance piece finished for their Showing Of Work in a few weeks time.Aargh!

Day Eight: 08/03/06

John Of God

My class in Cumbernauld is driving me insane. I really need more patience Lord if you have any spare...and the kids need more respect and manners. They started off so lovely and as the weeks have progressed their behaviour has got worse, I can't believe the change in them it's so dramatic.

After liturgy tonight a few of us stayed on to help decorate the hall for the St Patrick's Night. As a group we are trying to support other events within the parish that are not related to our youth ministry project. Hopefully people will support our events in the future. We didn't get home until after ten and here was me thinking it was going to be an early one. This is a by the way, Keith we really have to get those curtains sorted...or burned, they look mental up in the office.

I'm praying for OLOC Youth Ministry Project and everyone involved.
This 'Walk With Me' book that I bought for £1 is great. It's really helping me to focus on my prayer and helping me to be more reflective.

Day Seven: 07/03/06

Perpetua & Felicity

Today is my busy busy day in terms of work, so not much to say that's relatively interesting. Apart from that the kids that I teach in the evening are great. They are full of energy and have lovely personalities, they make it a lot easier for me to work evenings.

(My Tent Ensemble)

Day Six: 06/03/06


My afternoon class I didn't have that many kids which was a nightmare because we're working towards a performance. It was a lack of communication between the Active Scools Coordinator and the school. The school didn't know that I was coming.

Tonight was the first night of the 'Monday Night Thing' at Holy Cross Chapel House. Tonight we focused on the scriptures and we started with Genesis. I really enjoyed it. There were 6 of us and I thought there was a really nice atmosphere amongst the group, you can actually feel the thirstof wanting to learn more, it's great!

Tonight I'm praying for a few people who are in an awkward situation that hopefully can be resolved peacefully. I'm also praying for my mum, I pray that even though she doesn't have her brothers or sister or her mum close by, she knows that we are here for her and that she knows we love her and think she is wonderful. I also pray that my gran can show more compassion and love towards my mum.

First Sunday Of Lent: 05/03/06

Phocas Of Antioch

This afternoon some of us met up at OLOC to prepare a mission and a vision statement. It was a follow up from the retreat we had in January. Shane led the session, he's great at what he does. He's a guy I have a lot of respect for. I love how he always thinks out of the box. He is great at seeing things from a view that's not nessesarily the main one that everyone else usually sees. However I'm still trying to work out if the leopard print shirt that he wore to a fancy dress party was a costume or if that was one of his own shirts. Can anyone help me out on this one?????

Anyway after the meeting some of us went to KFC before mass. Tonight at the end of mass I said the announcements. It always surprises me how nervous I get when doing them because with my job Im speaking to large groups of people all the time. I think it's because I have to use a mic, it's very scary hearing yourself so loud.

Mass was very busy tonight and the atmosphere was lovely. I t has been stripped down (including music) to really give everone the sense of lent and how we are now in a new season liturgically.

Day Four: 04/03/06


Had to get up at 9am this morning for my first day of training for the 10k. Coach Lang was back with a vengence. i picked Nicola up and met Suzanne and Grant at Suzanne's flat.

We ran over the Erskine Bridge (well to the toll at least) and then walked half way back then ran the rest. We were totally knackered, we couldn't even do any circuit training. We ran for a total of 42 minutes which I think is great for my first run since last year's 10k.

We went back to Grant's for some refreshments and to see beautiful little Evie (Grant's 4 month old daughter). She is so adorable and content. All she does is smile it's so lovely.

Me and Keith then made lunch together today which was fun. I love watching him cook, he's so fast and efficient where as I'm just peeling the wrapper off the cheese when he's ready to take his wonderful and delicious food out the oven. He definatley has a gift for cooking (evenif he does guess the measurements for ingredients). The food was fab, although we were Cheezed out of our face as we had a full block of Greek Feta Cheese between us for the Breadcrumb Feta and and Large Mushrooms filled with ricotta cheese, chilli and olives, yum yum!

Tonight went to Albion Social Club with Keith, Claire, Liam, Suzanne, Nadia (my cousin) and her boyfriend Chris. Stuart was on Karaoke tonight working. I had a really good night. I was happy to spend time with Claire. I want to make more time for her, because I'm concious that I don't at the moment. I miss spending time with her, it's so different now because she doesn't live with us anymore. I really miss her sometimes.

The Albion seems quite a strange place to me, some of the people there are mental, and some of them wear totally wild and inappropriate clothes (well not sure if they justify as clothes they're so sparce) and the way I heard some of them speak to each other shocked me.

Tonight when I got home to my tent I had a few things on my mind that have been there for a few weeks and felt I had to speak to Keith about it. I had sent him a text just to let him know and he sent one back. He always knows what to say, we are so blessed to be with each other, I love him soooooo much!